Big Scrollbar in Visual Studio 2022

Another feature that you should definitely turn on is the big scrollbar in Visual Studio 2022. If you have already  programmed longer trading scripts, you will probably scroll up and down within your script a lot. For example, because you navigate back and forth between the properties at the end of your script and the algorithms at the top of the script. The scrollbar on the right side of your trading script in Visual Studio is (in our opinion) too narrow for daily work as a script trader. Since other software developers have probably also sent this feedback to Microsoft, Microsoft did a feature update and now there is a big scrollbar available in Visual Studio.

To activate this big scrollbar, open the options dialog in the tools menu and type the word scrollbar in the search at the top left:

On the right side in the line Source overview in the category Behavior please select the size of your scrollbar. We use the Wide setting. If your big scrollbar is active, you can easily navigate in the source code of your trading script.