Increase memory size for TWS

If you have a large number of instruments loaded or many tabs open in your TWS, you may experience that your TWS is running a little bit too slowly. In many cases this is due the maximum memory (RAM) setting. After the installation, your TWS will be configured that only a maximum of around 800MB of your available RAM is used. Since today’s trading PCs have sufficient resources, we should improve this setting immediately after installing of the TWS and set the maximum RAM setting to a higher value such as 2048 MB.

To increase your maximum memory size (RAM) in your TWS, do the following:

  1. Open your TWS and click on the File menu item at the top left corner of the main menu.
  2. Now a menu opens and there you click on the menu item global configuration in the application settings area.
  3. Once the window has opened, select the General menu item in the Configuration area.
  4. Now you can enter your new maximum value in megabytes (MB) in the Memory Allocation field on the right.