Visual Studio 2015 and AgenaTrader 1.9


Last month the long-awaited update from AgenaTrader to version 1.9 has happened.

AgenaTrader 1.8 used so far the .NET Framework 3.5 which is now approximately 10 years old and although it is installed on many computers, it has already aged a little bit. There is a large number of functions we are using in software development for years now, like the Tuple or Task.Delay. Because of .NET Framework 3.5 we were not able to use in AgenaTrader 1.8 so far. The current version 1.9 of AgenaTrader now supports .NET Framework 4.6 and now even meets future technical standards.

AgenaTrader 1.8 1.9
Visual Studio 2013 2015
Framework .NET 3.5 .NET 4.6


If you are upgrading from AgenaTrader 1.8 to the new version 1.9, we recommend also to upgrade your Visual Studio to the new version 2015. Microsoft offers a free version called Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, which is pretty good to develop AgenaScript code.

Download Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition.